If I could fall in to the sky, do you think time would pass me by?

Do you remember LimeWire? This song always reminds me of that! Because it was basically all I ever managed to download. Well, this and Counting Crows' Big Yellow Taxi ft. Vanessa Carlton. But hey, there was only so much a 13yr old with dialup internet could do when they weren't playing Neopets!

This song has been stuck in my head (and I can still sing it word for word!) since Andrew showed me this amazing video of Terry Crews lip syncing it on Lip Sync Battle against Mike Tyson last week. He also takes his top off, which if you know who Terry Crews is, may be something you'll wanna check out!

Reasons to be Cheerful - March 2015

This may be a new record of my own blogging tardiness but here it is: Reasons to be Cheerful - March 2015, on April 27th. Yep. Nearly a month late. I am a terrible blogger.
  • It snowed. Again!
  • I discovered a bakery in our 'hood that does delicious macarons for $1.75!
  • They also do Snickerdoodle cookies. We really like Snickerdoodle cookies.
  • We had awesome barbeque at Dinosaur BBQ.
  • And explored Green Wood Cemetery in the snow.
  • We celebrated our 1st Wedding Anniversary AND our 7th Anniversary (same day, innit).
  • And we celebrated Pi Day with pie, obviously.
  • There may have been several visits to Dough...I just can not get enough of their doughnuts!
  • We saw the Brooklyn St. Patrick's Day Parade.
  • I applied, interviewed & was offered a job!
  • Andrew bought me LadurĂ©e macarons to celebrate. Hooray!
Read/Watched/Listened To/Saw/Visited:
  • We saw our first Broadway show - Something Rotten at the St. James Theatre.
  • We also treated ourselves to MOMA membership this month.
  • I've completely forgotten what we watched in March but we did watch Paddington and loved it! It has such a great cast & Ben Whishaw's voice is perfect for the lost bear.
  • I started watching Pretty Little Liars, and despite not expecting to like it, I unashamedly did.
  • We finished watching Friends *sad face*, and started House of Cards - oh my, how good is it?! I mean, you kind of guess something might happen but the way it happens is completely not what you expected!