I tried to be like Grace Kelly, but all her looks were too sad

This month's song is yet another nostalgia-inducing one - and it's all thanks to Pitch Perfect 2, which as well as being full of great songs, is uber funny! The first song performed by the Treblemakers (Lollipop by Mika) was definitely one I wasn't expecting to hear in a Hollywood movie (just like the performance of Lily Allen's F**k You with sock puppets in the first film) and it got me thinking about the last time I really listened to a Mika song. I used to listen to his first album, Life in Cartoon Motion album all the time - it came out a few months before my 18th birthday and it basically lived in my car's CD player for the next 6 months. I've probably mentioned before, but driving around the Isle of Man on my own, in my little Andy (my Citroen AX Debut that was almost as old as me, and the greatest little car in the world), with music blaring was one of my favourite things to do! And trying to reach those Mika high notes was another! ;-)

P.S. I picked Mika's Grace Kelly, 'cause it was probably the one I played the most...

Reasons to be Cheerful - April 2015

  • My employment authorization finally arrived...
  • and I started my new job...
  • and I got my first pay check since October - hooray!
  • I then got my hair cut. 7" = gone!
  • The weather started to get warmer
  • My baby brother came to stay for a week...
  • and he brought me lots of goodies from home!
  • We discovered Cousin John's in Park Slope - our new favourite brunch spot...
  • and I tried French toast for the first time and really liked it!
  • My brother & I rode on Jane's Carousel & walked over Brooklyn Bridge
  • We strolled around the Brooklyn Flea in the glorious sunshine and ate shaved ice
  • All of the blossom and magnolias made NYC super lovely!
  • We sent in our postal vote for the UK General Election
  • My colleagues and I went on a work field trip to Little Italy for gelato
  • I was introduced to Prosperity Dumplings in Chinatown - mmmhmm!
  • I bought lots of pretty succulents for our apartment
  • Andrew made me a delicious double-layer lemon birthday cake smothered in frosting...
  • and I turned 26!
Read/Watched/Listened To/Saw/Visited:
  • I finished reading Dark Places by Gillian Flynn, read Ready Player One by Ernest Cline and started My Lucky Life In and Out of Show Business by Dick Van Dyke.
  • We finished watching House of Cards - oh me oh my I can not wait for season 4!
  • We took Ross to his 1st (and our 2nd) Broadway show - Hand to God at the Booth Theatre.
  • We re-watched Sherlock because Benedict Cumberbatch.
  • As well as Kinky Boots, HitchMary Poppins and American Beauty!
  • And I may have watched Dirty Dancing and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang a few times...
  • We went to our second preview evening at the Brooklyn Museum to see Basquiat: The Unknown Notebooks.

27 before 27

Oh how it pains me to write the title to this post. 27 eh?! Wow. When did that happen!? Despite my 26 before 26 list being a complete failure (yeah I'm definitely going to blame moving to a new country for that one...), I thought I'd compile another list this year, y'know, 'cause I like making lists!
  1. Visit at least 3 new states
  2. Get an American drivers license / finally drive in the U.S!
  3. Take a yoga class...
  4. And brave a spin class!
  5. Finish reading the Game of Thrones books
  6. Spend a day in Oyster Bay & visit Sagamore Hill
  7. Knit a scarf (this will probably be on my "to do list" forever but there ya go!)
  8. Visit Upstate New York - preferably in the Fall!
  9. Have a drink at a rooftop bar with awesome views of Manhattan
  10. Visit the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens during cherry blossom season
  11. Eat our during Restaurant Week
  12. Design & make my own cross-stitch
  13. Buy a globe!
  14. Go to The Cloisters
  15. Spend a day at the Storm King Art Center
  16. Volunteer at the Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition - I can't adopt a dog but I can walk 'em!
  17. Go hiking!
  18. Build a succulent terrarium
  19. Go boating on Central Park's lake
  20. Spend a day at Coney Island
  21. Visit Ellis Island and go to the top of Lady Liberty
  22. Go to the Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade. Because dogs!
  23. See 3 Broadway (or Off Broadway) shows
  24. Eat lots of goodies at the Smorgasburg!
  25. Make a quilt (another that is forever on my "to do list"!)
  26. Send out homemade Christmas cards!
  27. Take a creative class such as ceramics or life drawing, or both!