Reasons to be Cheerful - May 2015

  • A sunny day out to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens to see the cherry blossom...
  • and a visit to the New York Botanical Gardens to see the Frida Kahlo exhibition.
  • Delicious ice cream from Ample Hills, consumed on a roof top in Brooklyn
  • Bunches of beautiful tulips  
  • "Bring your dog to work day" at my WeWork building - more doggies than your usual day!
  • Brunch with friends & a visit to MOMA
  • Discovering iced coffee & how great it is!
  • Shake Shack & Arnold Palmers
  • Taking my first class at my local gym & really enjoying it...
  • then taking a lot more classes! So. Much. Spinning.
  • A scrumptious afternoon tea at the Crosby Street Hotel for ONA's May field trip
  • A day out on Governors Island on a hot hot day...
  • where we ate ice cream & relaxed in a hammock...
  • and despite wearing factor 50, got stupidly sunburnt! ahhh summer.
Read/Watched/Listened To/Saw/Visited:
  • I finished My Lucky Life In and Out of Show Business by Dick Van Dyke and started A Storm of Swords by George R.R. Martin - which, as expected, took all freaking month!
  • We watched Thor: The Dark World (oof Chris Hemsworth!), Mad Max & Mad Max 2 (ick & ick), 9 to 5 and all of the Men in Black films ('cause Will Smith & aliens - duh!).
  • Two cinema trips to see Avengers: Age of Ultron and Pitch Perfect 2 - we hadn't been to the cinema since November!
  • We binge-watched Orange Is The New Black season 2, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D season 1 and started watching HIMYM again, again.
  • I may also have succumbed & started watching Gilmore Girls from the beginning for about the 6th time...

Yayoi Kusama's Obliteration Room

Last Saturday, after a breakfast of Dough doughnuts & iced coffee, we walked west down 19th Street to the David Zwirner Gallery to check out Yayoi Kusama's Give Me Love exhibition, more precisely, the Obliteration Room (along with hoards of tourists and every other art lover in New York City...).
I have only queued for more than an hour for something on two previous occasions, (both times for the Tatty Devine Sample Sale...), but on Saturday I spent two hours in line to spend 3 minutes (yes THREE minutes) in an exhibit. People be crazy!
Yayoi Kusama's Obliteration Room is an interactive exhibit that begins as an entirely white space, usually a purely monochrome living room, and is then "obliterated" by visitors who are each given a sheet of multi-coloured polka dot stickers to stick wherever they like!
The exhibit closes today after a months run and I really wish we'd visited a week or two earlier because you can barely make out what's what anymore - the room has certainly been obliterated! For instance the picture above shows a desk with a laptop, an Anglepoise lamp, books and a window - but you'd hardly know it now, would ya! That being said, I'm still glad I persevered in the long queue to see it as it was pretty darn cool!

Things I've Learnt in New York...Part 2

Today we've been living in New York City for seven months! So I figured - hey, that like totally makes me a New Yorker now, right? - and thus I came up with 10 more things I've learnt in New York, or as it's better known: Things I've Learnt in New York...Part 2 (you can find part 1 here).


11. Remember: dates are a little bit back to front.
It's important to remember that the month comes before the day here, otherwise that hummus you bought thinking it was good until April 3rd, is actually only good until March 4th (and you'll be stuck with a tub of mouldy hummus - trust me)!

12. Also, all temperatures are in fahrenheit.
People will not have a clue what you're talking about when you say it's 20°C outside, because in America it's 70°F outside (hint: take the °C, times it by 2 and add 30. Yeah, I don't know why either).

13. Springtime in NYC is summit else!
It's warmer out, but not too hot, and the trees are full of blossom! *heart eyes all over the place*

14. Dough doughnuts are the greatest doughnuts in the world.
I don't know why this is no. 14 and wasn't no. 1 because seriously, they are like cat nip for humans!

15. New York has everything!
You want a shop that sells a variety of rice pudding flavours but nothing else? NYC has got it!

16. Go to Trader Joe's for tulips.
I read an article when I first got to NYC that you should never buy tulips from Trader Joe's because they don't last very long. Well, I beg to differ - my Trader Joe's tulips are doing pretty well, thank you very much! No but seriously, they are only $5 a bunch and they are beautiful (because they are tulips).

17. There are so. many. house sparrows!
Fun fact: 100 house sparrows were brought over to Brooklyn from Europe in the 1800s and released in Green-Wood Cemetery to help get rid of inchworms, and what d'ya know, they thrived! So despite being the most popular bird in NYC, these little guys aren't actually natives!

18. You'll do a lot of walking in the city.
Like, a lot a lot. But just think of all those calories you're burning ready for that naughty burger later!

19. You'll see some really weird pet + owner set-ups.
The other day I walked past a lady who had a dog's head sticking out of the middle of her buttoned up coat (the dog was alive, it was in a papoose for dogs under her coat...). I have also seen a guy with A CAT inside his coat on the subway. And, another guy with a cat SITTING ON HIS HEAD!! Yeah you heard right: A. Cat. Sitting. On. His. Head.

20. NYC dogs are so much friendlier than London dogs (sorry, London).
It's true. Dogs in London just seem to be so much snobbier than dogs in New York. If you smile or say hello to a dog here, they instantly wanna be your BFF and I am totally cool with that!