Reasons to be Cheerful - August 2015

  • A Saturday morning spent eating French toast & exploring the Brooklyn Botanic Garden
  • Andrew making a delicious fruit tart/flan-thing
  • Spotting a beautiful Tiger Swallowtail butterfly on my street
  • Spending a day wandering around Williamsburg, eating sweet treats
  • Enjoying many a day in Brooklyn Bridge Park...
  • ...climbing on modified social benches...
  • ...riding on Jane's Carousel...
  • ...and eating delicious ice cream from Ample Hills
  • Going to Governors Island again to ride a Surrey bike
  • Getting the most tanned I've ever gotten in my life!
  • Taking in a free jazz concert in Brooklyn Bridge Park, with a picnic & Georgetown cupcakes
  • Brunching at The Penrose (woo!) in the Upper East Side - the baked eggs are awesome!
  • Spending time with friends in Central Park
  • Finding street art in Red Hook (and everywhere, for that matter!)
  • Happening upon Elizabeth Street Garden - a little haven in SoHo
  • Enjoying the view from the roof of The Met
Read/Watched/Listened To/Saw/Visited:
  • Going to the cinema three times (THREE!!) to see Minions, Inside Out and Trainwreck
  • Visiting Nitehawk Cinema for brunch & True Lies (can't go wrong with an Arnie movie!)
  • Watching Die Hard for free in Brooklyn Bridge Park - Christmas in August? Wuuut?!
  • Venturing up state to the Storm King Art Centre - many sculptures, much art
  • Watching HIMYM (again, again), Margin Call, The Rewrite, Pitch Perfect 2 (also again), Captain America: The Winter Solider, Agents of Shield S2 and OITNB S3
  • George R.R. Martin's A Dance with Dragons took me all of August to read (1000+ pages yo!) - but at least I've finished the series... Huzzah!

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