Things I've Learnt in New York...Part 3

10 months ago today we moved to this incredible city, and as we near the end of our first NYC summer, here are 10 more things I've learnt in New York! (You can see 1-10 here and 11-20 here.)

21. Seedless cucumbers are weirdly expensive.
Every supermarket in the UK sold them for around 60-90p, but I haven't found one for much less than $2 in NYC, and those are the lucky finds!

22. During the summer you will get repeatedly dripped on by air-con units.
Or you will at least hope that's it's water from an air-con unit... (and also that it never lands in or near your mouth.)

23. Iced coffee is one of the greatest drinks in the world.
Seriously, even if you're not crazy for coffee I think you'll like it. And be sure to add cream - lots of cream - because that makes it even better (screw the extra calories!).

24. Be prepared to get laughed at for the way you talk from time to time.
Whether it be saying the word scone like gone, instead of like cone. Or referring to your bathing suit as your swimming costume (or cossie for short). I just like to remind myself about how Americans say "duty" - cue Chandler-esque giggle!

25. Mexican food is done so much better in the U.S!
Mmm burritos...

26. Street art in NYC is summit else!
There was some in London but there's just so much more in NYC!

27. Expect to simply melt in to a puddle of sweat during the summer...
Sure, 30+°C doesn't sound very hot when you're at the beach or relaxing in the country, but in a city crammed full with people, tall buildings, the subway system, a hell of a lot of cars AND SO MUCH HUMIDITY - it's stifling!

28. But summer in NYC is pretty awesome! (when you're not commuting to work...)
There is so much cool stuff happening in the city during this time of year, more people are out enjoying the weather, there are ice cream & froyo trucks everywhere and it's stoop-sale-time galore!

29. The ground floor is actually called the 1st floor.
And the 1st floor is actually called the 2nd floor, the 2nd floor is actually called the 3rd floor, and so on...

30. Nickels & dimes are super confusing!
Yep, even after 10 months living here I still can't quite get my head around the small change (or if I'm being honest, any of the money - why are the notes all green & the same size?!). Like, I get quarters, quarters are great. But why oh why is the 5 cent coin BIGGER than the 10 cent coin?!

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