Hey, little Anna, you're the one

I contemplated a Hallowe'eny song for today, what with it being the month for it and all, but I have been majorly digging this video to Anna by Will Butler recently so that's the song I have chosen! How much of a babe is Emma Stone? I mean, ugh, she is just crazy beautiful! 

Reasons to be Cheerful - September 2015

  • Enjoying the last month of hot days, sandal wearing & copious ice cream eating
  • Experiencing our first Yankees game (& fulfilling my foam finger life goal!)
  • Brunch at Sadelle's where they shout "hot bagels!" every time more bagels are brought out!
  • Meeting up with our good friends while they were in town for a week
  • Spending a day at the Prospect Park Zoo seeing seals and red pandas and meerkats, et al.
  • Having pictures taken by Jean Andre Antoine for this month's ONA team outing
  • Exploring the beautiful Washington Mews on a sunny day
  • Wandering around the West Village and falling in love with it all over again
  • Seeking out lots of new street art around NYC
Read/Watched/Listened To/Saw/Visited:
  • We finished watching HIMYM - somehow the last season wasn't so bad the second time
  • We started watching Luther and freaking love it - Idris Elba is amazing!
  • We also watched Moonrise Kingdom, The Royal Tenenbaums, and The Skeleton Twins
  • I listened to all of The Mystery Show podcast series (amazing) and totally got in to This American Life too - Fridays are my podcast days!
  • I read The Bees by Laline Paull, Too Much Information: Or: Can Everyone Just Shut Up for a Moment, Some of Us Are Trying To Think by Dave Gorman & Life of Pi by Yann Martel
  • We visited the new Whitney and went to the Chuck Close exhibit at the PACE Gallery
  • We went to see ASSSSCAT 3000 at the Upright Citizen Brigade and I'm New Here -- Can You Show Me Around? at Union Hall - where Starlee Kine of The Mystery Show podcasts was a special guest!

I got soul, but I'm not a soldier

My song for September isn't really one that was stuck in my head for the month, per se, but it's one that I heard in a spinning class last week and I was instantly struck with another big case of nostalgia - isn't it amazing how music can do that?! Again this is about me & my first car... surprise, surprise! I guess that's just where I did most of my music listening. After all, if you're going to go to the effort of replacing the tape player with a CD player (he was an old car), you need to have a great selection of CDs to listen to, and The Killer's first album Hot Fuss was just that!