Our First Year in New York City

One year ago today we boarded a one-way plane to start our biggest, scariest, and most incredible adventure (excluding marriage, obviously) to date. And what an adventure it has been!

We arrived in late at night, and after 2 hours in immigration (with bellies full of butterflies that something would be wrong & we'd be sent right back), we joined the long taxi queue in the cold to get us and our 8 (eight!!) bags to Brooklyn. I wont lie to you, my first impressions weren't the most positive.

It definitely took some time for the realisation that we now lived in NEW YORK CITY to really sink in.

The first 5 months were tough. I couldn't work yet, which meant we were living on one salary. This made finding an apartment incredibly hard (the "you-must-be-earning-40-times-the-monthly-rent" thing is a big hurdle). We finally got lucky a week before we needed to move and found a lovely little apartment on Craigslist, in our favourite Brooklyn neighbourhood, with a landlady who didn't mind that I was temporarily unemployed - hooray!

Living in NYC on one salary also meant that I rarely left the apartment from December to March, as no spare money to spend meant not even getting the subway to somewhere was an option (those $5.50 returns add up y'know). I missed London a lot a lot during that time. The crazy cold of a New York winter didn't help much either...

Things started to look up in March as I prepared for my employment authorisation to arrive - in total I waited 131 days (90 days max. my eye, America) - and I began applying for jobs. I found my perfect job on Craigslist (it strikes again!) and come April I finally started working, for an awesome company, with some great colleagues! The weather started to warm up, the trees were bursting with blossom, we started to properly explore this city and enjoy sampling all the great foods on offer (all the doughnuts please). We even began to make plans for weekends away and I began to really enjoy living in NYC.

It's crazy to think that's we've been living here for a year already. We've survived the coldest winter we've ever experienced, and the hottest summer (I've never been so tanned!). And you know what, we're totally prepared to do it all again!

We love you New York, and we're nowhere near done with you yet. 


And here are a random selection of pictures from our 1st year here:

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