NYC Hallowe'en Displays 2015

So I know it's like less than a week to Christmas, and really I should be posting about Christmas trees or Santa Claus or mince pies or something, but I totally forgot to post these pictures back in October and I really want to post them, ok? Also, heads up, I'm probably going to post more pictures from Hallowe'en before the end of the week, but this time it'll be dogs in funny costumes so you know it's worth it! ;-)
I loved stumbling upon all the fab Hallowe'en displays; whether it be simple carved pumpkins on stoops, zombie hippies, "Fleshdirect" vans driven by skeletons, giant spiders adorning buildings or scary clowns (though I am pretty terrified of the latter two!) - New Yorkers really know how to do Hallowe'en!
There was one particular Hallowe'en display that I really wanted to see, and even went out of my way to do so (though spending time in Boerum Hill is really no chore). Every year on Bergen Street, between Bond & Nevins, one couple turn their small front yard in to an awesome Hallowe'en display, and this year's treat was a scary clown crashing a kid's birthday party - complete with pooping child. The display really was incredible! While we were there we got to speak to one of the geniuses behind the idea and she informed us that everything they use is salvaged from the trash/left on stoops/being given away, and they spend the year collecting things, making it pretty much completely free - the base of the clown's body is a female mannequin, rescued from a dumpster outside Macy's! They already have an idea for next years display and I can't wait to see what they come up with!

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