Reasons to be Cheerful: March & April 2016

So April ended up being a complete disaster for writing a single blog post. And one post I never even made an attempt on was my monthly round up, so here is March & April combined - for my own storing of memories more than anything!
  • The birth of my niece, Evelyn 
  • Going to the Doughnut Project and drinking crazy milkshakes at Black Tap
  • Spending a day at the Bushwick Collective and having Roberta's pizza for brunch
  • Having my picture taken by celebrity photographer Mark Mann at a Leica event
  • Going to the UN Commission on the Status of Women at the United Nations HQ
  • Seeing all of the blossoms - Spring is my favourite season!
  • Spending a weekend in DC for our 8yrs together/2nd wedding anniversary
  • Seeing the President Francis J. Underwood portrait at the National Portrait Gallery
  • Going to see ASSSSCAT 3000 for the second time
  • Visiting the Art on Paper art fair and seeing work by Grayson Perry there
  • Moving in to our new office at WeWork SoHo South & celebrating my 1 year ONAversary
  • Going to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden to see all the blossoms & blooms
  • Meeting Mr Bentley Coupe & having him chill on my desk all day
  • Being back in London & the Isle of Man for some much needed family time
  • Spending an afternoon in the Sky Garden with it's awesome views of London
  • Being reunited with my Poppy dog (and family, obviously)
  • Getting lots of fresh sea air in my lungs & birthday cakes in my belly
  • Meeting my niece, Evelyn - she's a little cutie!
  • And witnessing my dad meet his first grandchild for the first time
  • Finally going for afternoon tea at Sketch - that place is incredible!
  • Attending the Tatty Devine sample sale and exploring Shoreditch's street art
  • Turning 27! Eek
Read/Watched/Listened To/Saw:
  • I watched a grand total of 6 movies on my two international flights, because, sleep is for suckers! - Joy, How To Be Single, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, The Lady In The Van, Mistress America and Suffragette.
  • At some point over these two months we also watched: The Night Before, The Man from U.N.C.L.E, Neighbors, Clueless (I finally got Andrew to watch this & he didn't hate it), Deadpool, The Night Manager & more The Office.
  • In March I finished reading Mary Roach's Spook: Science Tackles The Afterlife and read Suffragette: My Own Story by Emmeline Pankhurst. I then started Theodore Rex by Edmund Morris and have still not finished it after not reading a single page on my vacation...oops!
  • I also caught up on all my favourite podcasts: This American Life, Radiolab, The Moth and Anna Faris is Unqualified (my little guilty pleasure one...).
  • In April we went to see Blackbird at the Belasco Theatre and it was incredible!

28 before 28

Well, April just flew by in a whirlwind and I completely failed to blog, at all. Oops! But one thing that did happen last month was my birthday - hoorah! As with the last few years I figured I'd make another list of things I want to try and do before my next birthday, as although I didn't achieve everything on last year's list, I also didn't do too bad...
  1. Finally visit the West Coast 
  2. And go to San Francisco!
  3. Eventually learn to drive in the U.S. (I now have my learner's permit at least!) 
  4. Eat at an In-N-Out Burger (gotta have some simple aims too, right?)
  5. Tick off 5 new states (road trip?) 
  6. Spend a day at Coney Island
  7. Go to a show at the Comedy Cellar
  8. Visit Dia:Beacon
  9. Have a drink at a rooftop bar with awesome views 
  10. Eat our during Restaurant Week 
  11. Volunteer at the Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition 
  12. Go boating on the Central Park lake 
  13. Visit The Cloisters 
  14. Take a creative class such as ceramics or life drawing 
  15. Spend a day in Oyster Bay & visit Sagamore Hill (as soon as I can drive!)
  16. See some cool roadside attractions
  17. Go to the beach!
  18. Attempt to run a 5k (I really really suck at running, so...)
  19. See the Dyker Heights Christmas lights
  20. Visit upstate New York in the fall
  21. Have afternoon tea in The Plaza's Palm Court
  22. See the New York City Ballet's The Nutcracker
  23. Travel to Roosevelt Island on the aerial tramway
  24. Have a drink in The Carlyle's Bemelman's Bar
  25. Make Andrew & myself a Christmas stocking each
  26. Go to a basketball game at the Barclays Center
  27. See Hamilton (if the fates allow, obviously... I've been entering the lottery every day!!!)
  28. Visit Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater house in PA

And she fights for her life as she puts on her coat

The latter end of this month has been a whirlwind of crazy, with long busy days at work and little time for anything else - hence the lateness of this post (current time: 11:56pm)...

This month I've mostly listened to a YouTube playlist that I made while at university of music videos my 19 year old self just couldn't get enough of. One such song is Her Morning Elegance by Oren Lavie. I stumbled upon this song's video one day when researching stop motion videos for a project and completely fell in love with the song. Rediscovering it now, 7 years later, has been pretty great!

NYC Street Art // February 2016

Mott Street, NoLIta
February saw several new pieces of street art pop up around SoHo/NoLIta/Little Italy, including a new mural on the Lasso Pizza wall on Kenmare Street and a new #lovewall from JGoldcrown on Mott Street.
Elizabeth Street, Little Italy
Mott Street, NoLIta
Mural at Kenmare & Mott, NoLIta
The Zoolander 2 movie was also released in February, and so the new mural on the Lasso Pizza wall was adorned with a triptych of purple Mugatus by Mark Paul Deren (MADSTEEZ) to coincide with it. This wall is supposed to change every month so is always a good spot for street art spotting!
Lafayette Street, SoHo
Thompson Street, SoHo
Kenmare Street, NoLIta
Jay Street, DUMBO
As well as finding some new works I also stumbled upon several new-to-me pieces too, including this alphabet wall by Green Villain in the Alphabet City part of the East Village. We had walked past this wall one night in the dark and I was eager to return again in the daytime to take some pictures.
E 6th Street/Avenue C, Alphabet City, East Village
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Reasons to be Cheerful - February 2016

  • Wandering around the LES on lonely Saturday mornings to find street art...
  • ...and enjoying coffee & cat-shaped macarons at The Meow Parlour Patisserie
  • Having friends round for dinner & buying the prettiest cake from Ladybird Bakery for it
  • Discovering a new place in our 'hood that does the most delicious ramen
  • Walking over the Manhattan Bridge for the first time and enjoying the great views
  • Going to LadurĂ©e with a colleague for macarons & tea
  • Having (non-American) pancakes for dinner on Pancake Day
  • Going bowling with my ONA colleagues for our latest work field trip
  • Receiving a package full of yummy Cadbury chocolate from my momma
  • Seeing a bulldog legit skateboarding in a Brooklyn park
Read/Watched/Listened To/Saw/Visited:
  • I read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith (a book that instantly became one of my favourites), The Opposite of Loneliness: Essays and Stories by Marina Keegan, and I started Spook: Science Tackles the Afterlife by Mary Roach.
  • We went to see A View From The Bridge for a second time before it closed, and this time our seats were on the stage, mere feet from all the action.
  • We visited the Guggenheim for the Peter Fischli David Weiss: How to Work Better exhibition and enjoyed a member's evening at the Brooklyn Museum for the opening of the This Place exhibit.
  • We went to see The Revenant, Room & Brooklyn - all great Oscar movies! We also watched Ex Machina & Jessica Jones, and I watched Iris (a fantastic documentary about an inspiring woman), the Spice World movie (oh yeah!) & the new season of Pretty Little Liars.

Hello, my name is Elder Price

This month has been an intense month of entering the Hamilton lottery. Every. Damn. Day! And y'know what - no dice. (because who in New York City isn't entering it?!) But, for reals, based on statistics and stuff, it could take years so I'm not going to hold my breath. In the meantime I've been listening to The Book of Mormon soundtrack on repeat, because this, my friends, is a musical I did win tickets to (well, Andrew did, but that's just semantics) back when we lived in London. It's a pretty great soundtrack and the opening song Hello! has to be one of the best!

Reasons to be Cheerful - January 2016

New year, new attempts at being better with blogging = fail.
  • Seeing in the New Year watching the fireworks in Prospect Park...
  • and spending New Year's Day "seeing forever" at the One World Observatory.
  • Enjoying delicious tacos & sangria with friends in their gorgeous UWS apartment
  • Travelling to Orlando with work again and spending an evening at Disney World...
  • going on lots of rides (Space Mountain twice, yo!) & meeting Winnie the Pooh!
  • Spending a long weekend in New Orleans & falling hopelessly in love with the city...
  • dining on delicious Creole food and feasting on Cafe du Monde's incredible beignets...
  • drinking cocktails on a rotating Carousel bar and endless streets of colour and jazz!
  • Witnessing the most snow we've ever seen before with Storm Jonas
  • Getting our free ID-NYC membership to the New York Botanical Garden, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Bronx Zoo (and all the other NY zoos + the aquarium) & the Guggenheim!
Read/Watched/Listened To/Saw/Visited:
  • We went to see A View from the Bridge again before it closes and this time we were sat on the stage, mere feet away from the action!
  • I read 99 Problems But a Baby Ain't One by Megan Silianoff and The Mark and the Void by Paul Murray - both great reads!
  • We finished watching The Office (U.S) and instantly started watching it from the beginning again. I just wasn't ready for a life without the occasional Jim Halpert fix.
  • We also watched The Office (UK) and Making a Murderer - two very different shows...
  • We watched The Martian, Now You See Me, What We Do In The Shadows and Spotlight (and I watched The Age of Adaline on my own in Orlando).
  • We visited the Besthoff Sculpture Garden and Mardi Gras World in New Orleans - seeing behind-the-scenes of how the floats/props are made was amazing!

NYC Street Art // January 2016

Prospect Ave/5th Ave, Park Slope, Brooklyn
When going through my street art pictures from 2015 to compile a list of my favourites, I realised that I had a ridiculous amount to choose from. Like, wrong side of 50 kind of amount. And narrowing them down to just 20 was really (really) tough! So, to help make that task easier next January, I figured a monthly post would be a better idea - that way I get to share even more of my street art finds from the year too - wahey!
Rivington Street, Lower East Side, NYC
E 7th Street, East Village, NYC 
Mulberry Street, Little Italy, NYC 
Understandably, there were a few David Bowie tributes that popped up last month too, including an uncredited one on The Graffiti Room wall and one on some railings on Bond St - that one is actually double-sided and has an older Bowie from the other side too, y'all can see it here.
Kenmare Street, NoLIta, NYC
Bond St, NoHo, NYC
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Storm Jonas & 27 Inches of Snow

Growing up on a tiny island in the middle of the Irish Sea, we never really had much in the way of snow. Sure, it fell from time to time (especially on higher ground), but more often than not it never stuck. I have one memory of having to leave my primary school early as the snow was coming down so quickly, and my friend's dad had to drive me to my grandparent's house in the back of one of his farm vehicles (where we all sat on hay bales in the back) as the buses had already stopped running. Another memory I have is of my sister and I going down the hill on which we lived, on a bright red sled, to meet our cousins so we could build a snowman. My most recent memory is from January 2010, when the most snow we'd seen in years came down, stranding Andrew at my house and getting us a day off work on a Monday - hurrah!

It wasn't until we moved to NYC that we really experienced proper snow (despite the blizzard that never was in 2015), and last weekend brought the most we've ever seen in our lives! 27 inches, whilst not a lot in comparison to some areas, is a record breaker for us - never have we stood in untouched snow that goes up to our knees before! Therefore despite the annoying aftermath of heavy snowfall (those slush puddles are the worst), we couldn't resist going out to make the most of it while it was still fresh and crunchy under foot (isn't that sound one of the most satisfying??).
And one week later there is still a lot of snow on the ground and piled high in going-to-take-forever-to-melt piles. We went to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden this weekend where the Japanese Garden is still very much coated in the white stuff (still beautiful though)!

But if you want to live in New York City, honey, you know I will

Gilmore Girls is, undoubtably, my favourite TV show. Ever. I think I'm currently on my 6th, maybe 7th(?!), re-watch. Back home I had all 7 seasons on DVD, but luckily over the last few years Netflix has had them all too - which means I didn't have to bring them with me AND I no longer have to get up to change the disc over (instead I occasionally have to move to let Netflix know that yes, I am indeed still watching). I also love singing along to the theme tune (I'm not ashamed to admit that I get really in to it), and because I watch the show so much my husband knows most of the words too!

Obviously the news this week that there is definitely an 8th season on it's way, 9 years after season 7 finished, makes me very happy - more Gilmore Girls to watch? Yes please! So this month's song had to be Where You Lead by Carole King & Louise Goffin, aka the theme tune!

My 20 Favourite Street Art Pieces of 2015

I've always admired street art (like most art students I studied Banksy at one time or another at school), but it wasn't until we moved to NYC that my interest really blossomed. I love how creative some of the pieces in this city get, how intricate they can sometimes be, and how fast they appear - I'm just constantly in awe of street artists! Working in SoHo means I'm always within walking distance of a new piece or two, and it definitely helped make my 2015 a street art filled year - I even pride myself on being able to recognise who the artist is before I see the tag of some! Below are 20 of my favourite finds from the year (it was really tough to narrow the selection down)...

Which one is your favourite?

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