O Christmas Tree 2015!

This post is totally a month late but we took our lovely little tree off to become mulch today (sad face) so it feels like an appropriate time to finally blog about it, right?

We treated ourselves to a real tree again this Christmas, and there's definitely no way we'll be changing back to an artificial one, ever! This year's fir(ry) guy was a foot bigger than last year, which we regretted for an hour while we tried to figure out where to put him in our more-furnished-than-last-year apartment, but once he was in situ we instantly loved him.
Every year that we've been together we've acquired more decorations, be it keepsakes from a place we've visited, or something cute we - I - really liked. Below are this year's newest additions...

First up is a knitted mouse from Crate & Barrel (isn't he lovely?!) - this is a little bit of a tradition now as this was the 3rd year we've bought a decoration from there - last year was a knitted octopus (and two penguins, but I just couldn't resist)!
Another tradition we have is to always buy a Christmas decoration from the Harrods Christmas Shop. Unfortunately this year we were only back in London in July, which is a month too early for their Christmas store, apparently. But, never fear, I did find this little guy to add to our collection from their year round souvenir collection - a snowman dressed as a Yeomen Warder (aka a Beefeater).
This little guy fell in to my basket when buying presents from West Elm, I loved his little plaid shirt, and as someone who is obsessed with plaid shirts, I felt like he definitely needed to come home with me!
As well as the decorations we acquired ourselves in 2015, my mum also sent us three new Isle of Man themed ones to remind us of home. I'm 100% certain that we have more Three Legs of Mann decorations than anything else now!
Also, finally, we have a tree topper! Now, don't get me wrong, I was more than happy with my Pooh Fairy topper (who sadly was left in storage back home when we moved), but Andrew wasn't so keen. We found this lovely simple wire star from CB2 and it's so perfect. It's a little bit unusual but isn't anything too busy to distract from the rest of the tree!
And here he is, on tree day! I can't wait till next Christmas just so we can have a delicious smelling tree in our apartment for a month again. Mmm...pine!

You can see our tree (and more of our decorations) from 2013 and 2014 too!

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