Some aims/hopes for 2016

Last year, my aims/hopes for 2015 were: to take better care of ME, meet new people, make new friends, find a job I enjoy, read at least 25 books, grow my blog and learn to weave. And I don't think I did too badly! I found a job I enjoy, and thus met new people and made new friends, I read 24 books (close enough) and I learnt to weave (see below). I accidentally neglected taking better care of ME (though I did attempt a skin care regime towards the end of the year) and growing my blog, but these are just things to keep striving towards! So, for 2016 I'ma keep it simple:

See more of the USA.
In 2015 we only ticked off 2 new states together (Pennsylvania & Illinois) and I went to Florida on a work trip, but in 2016 I hope to visit more!

Spend less/save more.
I have a weakness for buying jewellery, especially one certain brand *cough* Tatty Devine *cough*, so I'm going to try and dial that back this'll be tough!

Read at least 20 books.
Last year I aimed for 25 and missed it by 1, so for 2016 I'm going to aim lower and focus on reading some of the longer reads on my bookshelves.


What are your aims/hopes for 2016?

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