Storm Jonas & 27 Inches of Snow

Growing up on a tiny island in the middle of the Irish Sea, we never really had much in the way of snow. Sure, it fell from time to time (especially on higher ground), but more often than not it never stuck. I have one memory of having to leave my primary school early as the snow was coming down so quickly, and my friend's dad had to drive me to my grandparent's house in the back of one of his farm vehicles (where we all sat on hay bales in the back) as the buses had already stopped running. Another memory I have is of my sister and I going down the hill on which we lived, on a bright red sled, to meet our cousins so we could build a snowman. My most recent memory is from January 2010, when the most snow we'd seen in years came down, stranding Andrew at my house and getting us a day off work on a Monday - hurrah!

It wasn't until we moved to NYC that we really experienced proper snow (despite the blizzard that never was in 2015), and last weekend brought the most we've ever seen in our lives! 27 inches, whilst not a lot in comparison to some areas, is a record breaker for us - never have we stood in untouched snow that goes up to our knees before! Therefore despite the annoying aftermath of heavy snowfall (those slush puddles are the worst), we couldn't resist going out to make the most of it while it was still fresh and crunchy under foot (isn't that sound one of the most satisfying??).
And one week later there is still a lot of snow on the ground and piled high in going-to-take-forever-to-melt piles. We went to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden this weekend where the Japanese Garden is still very much coated in the white stuff (still beautiful though)!

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